New Obstacle. New Terrain. Still Awesome.

Asia's Biggest Obstacle Challenge Is Back in Johor!

Prepare yourself for another round of mud-drenched obstacles & adrenaline-pumping challenges. You’ll be constantly relying on your team to help you navigate your way through 15 KM + 18 Obstacles. Viper Challenge at Medini will be featuring all-new 2017 obstacles and this is going to be bigger and badder than last year. Gather your team-mates and commit now, the finish line is waiting.



The first Tier of ticket pricing is our ‘Launch Sale’, this will commence at 12:01 AM the 17th of October 2016. Once the allocated number of ‘Launch Sale’ tickets have been sold, AUTOMATICALLY ticket prices will shift to the ‘Early Bird Special’ and so on through the 5 Tiers and stages of Ticket sales… In other words… once each Tiered Ticket Pricing Category is sold out, you will automatically have the opportunity to purchase from the following stage of ticket sales. This will continue until the ‘Final Sale’ Tier has reached capacity.
• Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis
• Limited number of tickets are available for each pricing tier
• Tickets are Non refundable, non transferable or deferrable
• Ticket price does not include ticketing fee