Frequently Asked Questions

What are the measurements of the Finisher T-Shirt?

You can refer to to check on the measurements for our Finisher T-shirts.

What is Viper Challenge?

Viper Challenge is a series of Obstacle Course events that is widely known to be the biggest in Asia. Started in 2013, now Viper Challenge has grown strength to strength, organising multiple events with multiple formats, ranging from the urban setting of a stadium event, to the mud filled paths on hilly trails.
Not only that, Viper Challenge had also organised road running events such as the Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run and other corporate outings.

How do I register?

Registration for Viper Challenge is 100% online and we use Eventbrite as our registration platform as well as PayPal as our payment gateway.

You just need to click on the respective Event page on this website to register for that particular event.

What is Ideal Start Time? Will I get the same Start Time as my Team even if we chose different Ideal Start Times?

For Viper Challenge events, we use the Staggered Release format where participants are released bit by bit to minimise backlog and make it safer. Your Ideal Start Time chosen during Registration is a guideline on which timeframe that you prefer to be released for that event. If you are under the same Team, we will allocate the same Start Time (even if you chose different Ideal Start Times amongst each other) for all the Team Members when we release the Confirmed Start Time nearer to the event date.