1. What is ticket protection?

Ticket protection is similar to insurance for your ticket. It guarantees a full cash refund should the event you are purchasing gets cancelled under the following circumstances:

  • Venue Disruptions
  • Natural Catastrophes
  • Public Health and Safety Hazard
  • Terror Attack

2. How do I get ticket protection?

Viper 2 Four tickets come with ticket protection included.

3. Do I need to pay for ticket protection?

No, the ticket protection fee of RM7.90 per ticket is included

4. What happens if the event I purchased tickets for gets cancelled?

As your ticket purchase includes a ticket protection fee, this means if the event is cancelled, you will be guaranteed of a refund.
For example, if you paid RM79 + ticketing fee for a ticket and the event is cancelled due to the aforementioned circumstances, you will receive a refund of rm79 + ticketing fee.

5. Will I still receive the t-shirt and medal for the cancelled event?

No, you will not receive any entitlements from the cancelled event, including t-shirt and medal. This is because you will receive a full refund on the ticket.

6. What happens if the event I purchased tickets for gets postponed?

Your ticket purchased with protection will remain valid up until the new event date. There will be no refund on the ticket if the event is postponed.

7. How does the refund work?

You will receive the full amount paid, including ticketing fee, in cash credited back to your PayPal account that is used for the ticket purchase.

8. Is there an expiration date for ticket protection?

Ticket protection is valid from the date of purchase up until the date of event.

9. How long will it take to process my refund?

The time frame for processing refunds is 30 days.

10. Who do I ask if I have any more questions?

Please email info@viperchallenge.com for any further clarifications you may require on this matter.