Fellow Vipers,


Following up with our previous announcement on the cancellation of Viper Urban 2020, on directive of the Ministry of Health and the Sports Commissioner under the purview of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, we would like to thank you for your patience while we have been working to address your feedback and concerns amidst the uncertainties.


Customarily, our policy for all events has always been strictly non-refundable, non-transferrable and non-deferrable. However, due to the recent unprecedented circumstances, we hear what you have to say and feel your burden. Therefore we would like to offer you a partial refund in the form of a credit.


The credit expires on 31st August 2020 and may be used to purchase tickets for any of our future events within this period. Most importantly, your next purchase comes with a ticket protection fee included which will guarantee you a refund for the new event purchased should a similar situation beyond our control arise. 

Please refer to email sent for your credit code. If you have note received it please email

You will still be getting your finisher T-shirt and medals for the cancelled Viper Urban as communicated previously. Many of you have written in to ask when this would happen. The date for collection and other relevant details will be announced in line with the development of the ongoing pandemic and advice of the local authorities.


We understand you may have some questions, please do read the FAQ at the bottom for more information.


Finally, our sincerest appreciation goes out to all for you. Take caution and stay safe indoors; as for those working in essential services, we thank you for your sacrifice for our community and nation. Together, let’s play our role to overcome this global pandemic and see you in the next events to come! 

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a credit refund?

The refund is allocated in the form of a credit. These credits are similar to digital dollars that can ONLY BE USED to purchase future Viper Challenge events within the validity period.

2. How is my refund amount calculated?

The credit refund will be based on when you purchased your Viper Urban ticket, and will range between RM40 to RM60 accordingly. For example, if you purchased the Launch Price tickets at RM49 and RM59, you will be accorded RM40 credit, and so on till the Final Sale tier which is awarded RM60 credit.

3. How do I use my credit?

Your credit is tied to the promo code. You may use it when purchasing the next event ticket. Key in the promo code in the. “Enter promo code” upon selecting the event and ticket type (Individual/Team)

4. Why do I not get the whole amount refunded?

There are production costs incurred that happen months before the event - in R&D, testing, obstacle logistics, staff development, venue rentals, equipment purchase, vendor/supplier commitments, marketing and finally collaterals in the form of t-shirt and medals and post event festivities that you experience at the event. A lot of the things that are not seen happens in the background and long before event day. This cancellation fee would go to covering some of that costs, as well as the t-shirt and medal cost.

5. If I paid a different amount to my friend who bought a ticket price, do we both get the same credit amount?

No, as Viper Urban tickets are sold on a tier system, those who purchased early would have paid the lowest amount, while those who purchased at a later date would have paid a higher amount. The credit you receive is based on when you purchased the ticket and the amount you paid after deducting a cancellation fee.

6. How long is my credit valid for?

You may use it to purchase tickets for upcoming events up until the expiry period of 31st August 2020.

7. Can I give my credit to someone else?

Yes, you may. They only need to enter the promo code in the field before purchasing their ticket.

8. Do I still get my t-shirt and medal for Viper Urban?

Yes, you will still receive the t-shirt and medal for Viper Urban, details of the collection will be announced at a later date once the current situation subsides.

9. When can I collect my t-shirt and medal?

We will be organising a collection for the t-shirt and medals once the current situation subsides and it is safe for public gatherings to take place.

10. What happens if the new event I purchased tickets for gets cancelled?

Your next purchase with the credit amount includes a ticket protection fee which means if the future events are cancelled, you will be guaranteed of a refund. This refund is only applicable for the new event purchased using the credit amount given. For example :
Viper Classic ticket = RM59
Credit available = RM40 Total to pay = RM59-RM40 = RM19 + ticketing fee
In case of a cancellation, you will receive RM19+ ticketing fee in cash back to your PayPal acc.

11. How does this credit amount work?

You will receive a promo code that can be used when purchasing tickets for future events. Simply include the promo code and the respective amount will be deducted from the new ticket price. However, ticketing fees still apply for the new ticket purchased.

12. Is there an expiration date for this credit amount?

The credit amount is valid till 31st August 2020.

13. Who do I ask if I have any more questions?

Please email for any further clarifications you may require on this matter.