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Sorry unfortunately, all our tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-deferrable, meaning they cannot be transferred to someone else, cannot be refunded and cannot be deferred to other events. All these were stated in the T&C that you agreed to during registration. However, if you purchased tickets in a group, your team can still participate without its full members.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Difference between Individual and Team

The only difference is if you join a team you are confirmed to start together with other team members. Individual and Team category will go through the same course and obstacles and will receive the same finisher t-shirt and medal.

When can I know my Start Time? And can i change it?

Unfortunately the Confirmed Start Time is final and cannot be changed. It is based on availability and 'first come first serve’ policy. Confirmed Start Time will be released nearer to event day (about 2 weeks before) on our website and emailed to participants.

Please be at the event site about 60 mins before your confirmed Start Time to park, register and prepare for the challenge ahead.

If i don’t come on event day, can I still get the Finisher’s Entitlements?

The finisher's entitlements (t-shirt and medal) are only for those that complete the event. If you chose not to attend or you are unable to attend, you won't be able to receive these items. There will be no refunds as well.

Racepack Collection

There is no Racepack or Racepack Collection for any of our events. You will receive a wristband upon registration on the event day. You only need your e-ticket that you received upon registration for this. Upon completion of the challenge, you will receive the finisher t-shirt and medal at the finish line.

Team Limit

There’s no limit for a Team. Can be 1 until unlimited number of members.

There’s a mistake in my name, email, IC No, etc. Can I update?
Please email us the order number affected and changes to be made.
I didn’t receive my ticket. Please resend.

Please email us.

My friends and I are in the same team, but selected different start times. Please change all to one start time.

No worries, the finalized start time will be revised such that all in the team will start together. Kindly do wait for the start time to be emailed to you, about 2 weeks before the event date.

Change of Shirt Size

Sorry unfortunately, shirt size is non-changeable as the shirt quantity is being ordered according to the size chosen.

Can I present softcopy of ID (IC/passport) and ticket during check in on event day?

Yes, both softcopy or hardcopy is acceptable.

Is 7:00am time shown on the ticket my start time?

No, the 7:00am shown on the ticket is the event start time.

Can my friend join me just to take photographs and is a ticket required to enter?

Sorry unfortunately, all attendees require tickets to enter the course regardless of his/her participation.

Event Guide

Event guide will be emailed to participants nearer to event day (about 2 weeks before).

Change of Hotel Check In Date

Sorry unfortunately, the chosen check in date is final (non-changeable).

Hotel Refund/Defer

Sorry unfortunately, all hotels booked are non-refundable and non-deferrable.

Drinking Water

Drinking water is provide at the water station at the obstacle course and finish line. You may also bring your own drinking water.

What clothes should I wear to the event and what type of shoes is suitable?

You should wear appropriate and comfortable clothing. Shoes are a must and suitable for any terrain.

We are in a team but can I check in first?

Sorry unfortunately, team lead is required to check in for all its members.

I have lost my entry wristband and T-shirt wristband, can I request for a replacement?

Sorry unfortunately no, please put them on once they are given to you.

Can I start if I arrive earlier than my allocated start time?

Sorry unfortunately, you can only start according to your allocated start time.

What if I arrive later than my allocated start time?

You will be automatically transferred to the last start wave.

Can I still participate if I arrive after the last wave started?

Sorry unfortunately, you’re not allowed to participate once the last wave started and the start line closed.

Can I collect my finisher T-shirt and medal if I stop only after completing half the course?

Sorry unfortunately, you’re only entitled to the finisher items upon completion of the course.

Can I bring my 5 year old child along as a spectator?

Sorry unfortunately, only 16 years and over is allowed to enter the course.

Is shower/changing area provided for all Viper events?

Shower/changing area is only available for wet obstacles event.

Baggage Drop

Baggage drop is available for all Viper events.

Is there any ranking or overall ranking for Viper events?

No, there’s no ranking in any kind for all Viper events.

Where can I buy Viper merchandise (cap)?

You may purchase via our official website.

Medal base

Participants can claim a free medal base after completing 3 Viper Challenge events or more.

Payment via Paypal

The only payment is via Paypal as it’s secured for both parties.

Group Sign Up

Group Sign Up can be done as usual via our website or sign up platform provided.